Course Outline

The Capital Access Series program is delivered over the course of three days; one day a week for three consecutive weeks. SeriesA, then SeriesB, then SeriesC. The following section shows how the program is delivered; Series, Class, and Topic.

 SeriesA (aka Day 1) [mmmm dd, yyyy]  [day of the week]
 Class Number   Class Name  Class Topics
 Class #1  PerfectPitch  |Content |Structure |Preparation
   |How to resonate with investors  Big Idea / Structural Breakdown
   An introduction . . .   How much capital and other resources
     How it will be used
     How investors get paid
     How risk of capital is mitigated
 Class #2  CEO Roles and Responsibilities  Context
 Class #3   Avoiding Pitfalls of Organization and  - Distribution of Money, Power, Magic
   Compensation  Financial issues
     Control issues
     Motivation issues
     Legal issues
     Taxation issues
 Class #4  Accounting. Forecasting, and  Survey of basics
   Projections  - Financial statement integration
     Happiness is positive cash flow
     How accounting practices impact valuation
 Class #5  Valuation and Exit Strategies  Valuation methods
     Key value determinants
     What is an "exit" anyway
     Emotional surprises

 SeriesB (aka Day 2)  [mmmm dd, yyyy]  [day of the week]
 Class Number   Class Name  Class Topics
 Class #1  Due Diligence Review  What it is 
     Who cares about it
     Why bother
     - Impact on valuation
     Who does what
 Class #2  The Deal - Understanding Term Sheets  Learn the buzz words
     How and where to set boundaries
     Understand your committments
     Evaluating balanced mutual risk
 Class #3   Protecting Intellectual Property  What it is
     - What types are there
     Why do the matter
     Which matter for whom

 SeriesC (aka Day 3)  [mmmm dd, yyyy]  [day of the week]
 Class Number   Class Name  Class Topics
 Class #1  Marketing  What it is
     Why does it matter
     What methods make sense
     How do I know it's working
 Class #2  Sales  What it is
     What about channels
     What about methods, practices. processes
     What it is
 Class #3  Building a Winning Team  How to find top candidates
     How to validate candidates
     What about competence, alignment, continuity
     Why do the matter
 Class #4   PerfectPitch  How to know your audience
   |How to resonate with investors  How to prepare you pitch
   |Review|Prepare|Compete  How to deliver your pitch
     Learn what it takes to resonate with investors