Ambassador Program

Through the Keiretsu Forum Academy Capital Access Series program, attendees have the opportunity to:

1)    Learn/reinforce business basics

2)    Learn/reinforce what Keiretsu Forum investor members expect

3)    Learn/reinforce how to prepare for and succeed at Keiretsu Forum presentations

4)    Learn/reinforce how to engage in a broader community of investors and entrepreneurs

The attendees experience classroom setting exposure and contact with Keiretsu Forum investor members and community partners that have volunteered their time, expertise, and experience to improve the probability of success for those who attend the program. While the program has been successful in equipping entrepreneurs, and others, for more than three years, opportunities to innovate continue.

One such opportunity is the role of Keiretsu Forum Academy Ambassador. The Keiretsu Forum is the world’s largest angel investor network with over 1300 accredited investors in 27 chapters on 3 continents. Like the Academy faculty, ambassadors are seasoned entrepreneurs charged to work with Academy attendees specifically to foster integration of what they learned in each session into the operations of their businesses. As an ambassador of the Capital Access Series program, specifically, and the Keiretsu Forum as a whole, each ambassador becomes the personal resource portal for the attendees with whom each works. Each ambassador is to:

1)    Attend each program session

2)    Adopt up to 6 session attendees

    a.     have a 1 on 1 meeting with each

    b.     have at least two follow-up phone conversations

3)    Identify and facilitate connection with Keiretsu Forum members and partners that may contribute to successful next steps for attendees

The time commitment for each ambassador is roughly 5 hours per session or 15 hours for each series; 1 session per week for 3 weeks.