• The Keiretsu Forum Academy's Capital Access Series is the best place to learn where and how to pitch your growth stage business. Learn how to resonate with investors so that you'll have the best chance of getting the funding, expertise, and other resources you need. Watch video.

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  • Faculty, Keiretsu Forum investor members and practicing professionals, get you what you need: Relationships, knowledge, and practice which equips you to deliver your PerfectPitch to investor audiences. Tell your best story ever and engage in confident discussions with investors of all types.

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  • Keiretsu Forum Academy programs help you improve how you resonate with lenders, angel and venture investors with confidence, conviction, and clarity. Capital takes many forms; be prepared to make it easy for capital sources to supply what you need in order to prosper. 

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Keiretsu Forum Academy

Just for you . . . 
The Capital Access S eries (one day a week for three weeks) equips you, an entrepreneur, to accelerate your access to the capital, expertise, and resources you need to grow your business. Each class is led by seasoned industry executives and delivers practical, relevant, and timely knowledge and practices that are critical to your business. 

In the flagship program, learn about:

|How to resonate with investors
    1) Your Big Idea (25% of total time)
    2) Capital required for success (5%)
    3) What you'll do with it (10%)
    4) How investors get paid (10%)
    5) How you mitigate risk to capital (50%)

PerfectPitch  is an innovative approach to content, structure, and preparation that equips you to tell your best story ever.

After completing all three sessions in the series, you will be well prepared to tell your best story ever and to engage in productive discussions with many types of investors but especially those who are members of Keiretsu Forum. Several 2012 graduates of the program are building on what they learned to lead their businesses so that they are making great progress through their due diligence process. Click here to see a couple minutes of interviews with recent graduates and an investor member who has been a program Ambassador; then register to accelerate your success . . . 


The next program launches in . . . 
Sunnyvale, Tuesday, October 6, 2015
Continues on Tuesday, October 13 , 2015
and Completes on Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Courses are lead by distinguished
Keiretsu Forum Investor Members and Keiretsu Forum Academy Sponsors